Ontario Woodlot Association (OWA)

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The Ontario Woodlot Association is a non-profit organization with a network of regional chapters located across the province. The OWA brings woodlot owners together to share ideas and learn about forest management. We promote sustainable forestry practices in private forests to ensure the viability of these forests for future generations.
Come Join Us!  We invite you to join over 1,600 other woodlot owners in Ontario
– to share your ideas and join in on a “hands on” experience to learn more about managing your woodlot. Join the OWA.

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Forest Services Directory for Landowners

There is no easier way to find
the help that you need to better manage your woodlot.
Visit the OWA’s Forest
Services Directory at www.ontariowoodlot.com
to find lists of forest consultants,
tree markers, loggers, saw mills, tree nurseries, and many more.

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