Lanark & District Chapter of the OWA

This new chapter of the OWA was created during 2014 and formally named as the Lanark & District Chapter of the Ontario Woodlot Association by the members at their first annual general meeting in early 2015.

The roots for this new chapter were the Eastern Ontario Certified Forest Owners.(EOCFO).

In 2014 in conjunction with the Eastern Ontario Model Forest (EOMF) and the OWA it was decided that it would be more appropriate to incorporate the support role for smaller, private FSC certified, woodlot owners into the provincial OWA organization and the local OWA chapters rather than keep running  a separate organization (EOCFO) for this purpose.

The creation of this new chapter was intended to include those smaller, private FSC Certified woodlot owners in the Lanark County, West Ottawa  and surrounding areas as well as uncertified OWA members in the same area who might find a locally based OWA Chapter more convenient than the nearby Lower Ottawa Valley Chapter of the OWA or the Renfrew Chapter of the OWA.


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